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The New Age, Hozen guitars

Team Built, Hand-voiced x ergonomics

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I personally handvoice every single build to bring out its true sonic potential - tonal character and response like no other.


Every single wood I use is handselected to ensure that they are rich in tap tones, responsive, and with the right moisture content.


Function meets comfort - signature features such as Soundport, Body Bevel, and Body Wedge are added for the unmatched playing experience.


From signature options down to design appointments, every detail is well thought of - things that you usually only see from custom made instruments.

Unfolding of a Legacy

My name is Hozen, a Singaporean guitar builder who understudied with Somogyi for voicing. 2020 made me realize that time is limited, and the future is indeed uncertain. I now see guitar making from a new perspective - to spend my days building only the best guitars, as if they are my own to keep, where my limit is bound only by my imagination.

While the world temporarily paused, I sat on my workbench and started conceptualizing every fine detail that I would like to see in my instruments. The guitars you will discover now are born from my desire to give my all though there is no tomorrow.

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History, Revisited

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